Humane Wearable AI device

Humane is a startup founded by ex-Apple team Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno. It is developing first-of-its-kind software platform and consumer device built from the ground up for AI. Last month, Humane announced strategic partnership with Microsoft and OpenAI, you can read about it here.

Today, during a TED talk, Humane’s Imran Chaudhri revealed the AI-powered wearable device they have been working on for the first time. The device will not have any screen, but it will have a projector to display crucial information. It will also have a camera to recognize things in the real world and a mic to hear what you hear. Whenever you want to interact with the device, you can just press a button and start speaking.

The device seems to be very small when compared to a regular smartphone, so you can easily fit it in your shirt pocket. You can watch a small demo video (uploaded by Michael Mofina on Twitter) of the device below.

If you want to have a chocolate, you can point the chocolate towards the camera and ask the AI whether you can have it. Based on the information it has about you, AI will offer you suggestions on whether you can have the chocolate or not. For example, if the AI knows that you are allergic to nuts, if the AI recognizes that this chocolate has nuts content, it will suggest you to not have it.

The best part about this AI-powered wearable is that you don’t need a smartphone or any other computing to pair with it. It can function independently.

Here’s how you will be able to attend calls using this wearable device:

It also has “Catch me up” feature that offers a summary of crucial information you may have missed while you were busy.

This Humane’s wearable can also do voice translation using AI. You can just say your content in English, it can convert it into French in your voice using AI. Watch the video demo below.

We like to say that the experience is screenless, seamless, and sensing, allowing you to access the power of compute while remaining present in your surroundings, fixing a balance that’s felt out of place for some time now – Imaran Chaudhri

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