Last week, Microsoft announced updates to SwiftKey and other mobile apps, bringing Bing Chat to your fingertips and improving your productivity. Following this, the company has unveiled another exciting update: LaTeX support in Bing Chat. This addition makes Bing Chat a more versatile tool for learning math concepts or writing technical research papers.

LaTeX is a widely used document preparation system that specializes in the display of complex mathematical expressions. With this update, Bing Chat can now correctly display such expressions, which comes in handy for users in need of assistance with mathematics or technical writing.

Apart from the LaTeX integration, Bing Chat has made several other improvements since its April 7 update. These include:

  1. Reducing end-of-conversation triggers: Bing Chat has addressed user feedback regarding unnecessary conversation endings. The issue should now occur less frequently, and the team continues to investigate and improve this aspect.
  2. News grounding: Bing Chat has taken steps to provide better answers when users ask questions related to news, such as top breaking news stories. The team is dedicated to making further improvements based on user feedback.
  3. Bug fixes: The update also addresses known issues, such as reducing unnecessary duplicative searches and minimizing errors leading to no response to queries.

Bing Chat is a next-generation AI-powered assistant based on OpenAI’s large language model (LLM), integrated into the new version of Bing. This chatbot can search the web and incorporate results into its answers, providing detailed, human-like responses with footnotes linking back to original sources. The chatbot also caters to creative needs, such as writing poems, stories, songs, and more.

With LaTeX support and other recent enhancements, Bing Chat is increasingly becoming a powerful tool for users who need assistance with various tasks, from everyday queries to more specialized areas like mathematics and technical research.