Together Emojis in Microsoft Teams offer a new way to interact with team members. Microsoft today announced the roll out of new Together Emoji for high fives. There are several Together Emojis ranging from a slap of hands with high fives, clinking glasses to cheers, grabbing a coffee, or getting pizza for lunch. There are also numerous other Microsoft Teams emoji animations.

Here how you can find the “highfive” emoji:

  1. On desktop type (highfive) in the compose bar and hit enter; or
  2. On mobile or desktop, open the fun picker, and type “highfive” in the search bar and hit enter; or
  3. On mobile or desktop, open the fun picker and scroll down the smileys category to the custom emojis and tap the highfive emoji and hit enter.

Microsoft Teams Emoji Animations

Microsoft Teams also offers a wide range of other animated emojis.

Microsoft Teams’ animated designs not featured are implemented through text-based shortcodes such as (happy), (inlove), and (party).

A full list of the emojis available can be seen at Emojipedia here.