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Glint will transition from LinkedIn to Microsoft to become Viva Glint

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LinkedIn acquired Glint back in 2018. Glint is an online service that leverages real-time people data to help organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve business results. The automated programs in Glint make gathering feedback simple, giving employees an ongoing voice and helping businesses better understand their organization. Glint already works with over 1,000 leading companies in more than 150 countries to improve the health of their organization through real-time employee feedback.

Since LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft, Microsoft is moving Glint from LinkedIn to Microsoft to make it part of Viva Suite as Viva Glint. This transition will take place this year. Microsoft Viva with Glint add-on is $12.00 user/month (regularly $15.00 user/month).

Glint blends AI technology and people science to power predictive insights that help human resources, leaders, and managers quickly make sense of engagement data, connect insight with outcomes, and take meaningful action.

Viva Glint features:

  • Measure employee sentiment in real time with survey programs spanning engagement, lifecycle, manager and team effectiveness, culture, D&I, and development.
  • Capitalize on the latest science of happiness in the workplace. Proprietary AI for HRTM and predictive intelligence aggregate and analyze feedback, surfacing opportunities and issues, and helping you connect the dots between how work is happening and how employees feel.
  • Empower managers to understand and respond to their team’s needs, invite their employees into the conversation to identify solutions, learn through integrated LinkedIn Learning content in the Glint platform, and build better team practices overtime.


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