According to a recent report from Windows Central, Microsoft is planning a significant update to its Surface lineup, with an 11-inch Surface Pro and an ARM-powered Surface Go 4 set to launch later this year. The new devices mark a shift in the company’s approach to its flagship tablet lineup.

The 11-inch Surface Pro, which would be the smallest Surface Pro since the Surface Pro 2, is expected to have a design similar to the Surface Go, but with slimmer bezels to accommodate the larger display. The screen will also feature a 120Hz refresh rate, a step up from the Surface Go.

In addition to the smaller Surface Pro, the report confirms earlier rumors that the Surface Go 4 will be available with an ARM-based configuration. The ARM model is expected to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c-based chipset, designed for entry-level devices like the Surface Go. It’s possible that the tablet could also come with 5G support, which would be a first for the Surface Go family.

Microsoft Surface Go 2

Microsoft has been investing more heavily in the Windows on ARM ecosystem over the past few years, with the Surface Pro 9 being the first device in the main Surface Pro series to feature an ARM-based chip. Other manufacturers, such as Dell, have also begun launching ARM-powered laptops.

However, the Surface Go 4 will still offer an Intel variant for customers who prefer it. The exact launch timeline for these devices remains uncertain, but a fall release seems likely, given that the Surface Pro series is typically refreshed during that period. The Surface Go 4, initially rumored to launch this spring, now appears to be slated for a fall release as well, unless it is delayed further.