Google has just announced the release of the first Beta of Android 14, focusing on privacy, security, performance, developer productivity, and user customization. The latest iteration of Android also aims to improve the large-screen device experience on tablets, foldables, and more. With this release, Google is seeking feedback from developers and early adopters, aiming to refine Android 14 features and stability.

Key highlights of Android 14 Beta 1:

  1. Enhanced support for tablets and foldable form factors: Building on previous releases, Android 14 offers tools and resources to help developers create polished app experiences tailored for tablets and foldable devices.
  2. Smarter System UI: The new release brings refinements to the system UI, including a more prominent back arrow for gesture navigation and the ability to add custom actions to system sharesheets.
  3. Improved graphics capabilities: Android 14 adds new features to its Path API, allowing developers to create and render vector graphics, query paths, and interpolate between matching paths for morphing effects.
  4. Per-app language preferences: Android 14 allows dynamic customization of language preferences on a per-app basis, streamlining the process for developers through Android Studio Giraffe Canary 7 and AGP 8.1.0-alpha07.
  5. Enhanced privacy and accessibility: With the new accessibilityDataSensitive attribute, apps can limit visibility to specified views, ensuring that only accessibility services that assist users with disabilities can access them.

Partial screenshot of App Compatibility Changes in Developer Options

As Android 14 enters the beta stage, it is crucial for developers to test their apps for compatibility and target the new platform. Google encourages developers to try the Android 14 features, provide feedback, and report issues. To get started with Android 14, developers can use the Android Emulator in a tablet or foldable configuration or enroll any supported Pixel device to receive over-the-air updates.

For the best development experience, Google recommends using the latest preview of Android Studio Giraffe (or more recent Giraffe+ versions). Developers can expect updates to the preview and beta system images and SDK throughout the Android 14 release cycle.