Xbox System Update

Microsoft today announced the Xbox April Update for Xbox console users that will start to roll out this week. This Xbox system update comes with improved search experience and an adjustable active hours power setting. Find the details below.

You can now search for games, entertainment, and apps using the refreshed console search page. The refreshed search experience includes a new look, gallery-style results, visible filter categories navigable with RB/LB, the option to “search on YouTube” within the Movies & TV tab, and more. To try out the search experience using following methods:

  • You can tap the search button on the top of the dashboard
  • Find the magnifying glass icon within the guide
  • Press Y on your controller anywhere within the console UI

Also, you can adjust your power settings at any time by going to Settings > General > Power options. You will have following power options:

  • If you select Shutdown (energy saving), it will help conserve power and enable carbon aware updates on your Xbox.
  • If you select the Sleep power option, you can now adjust active hours to have the console ready to wake up when you’re likely to use it and shut down at the times you select to save energy. Beyond the active hours, your Xbox console will fully shut down and draw 0.5 watts as compared to 10-15 watts while active.

With the Xbox April Update, if you have the Sleep power option selected on your Xbox, you can configure your console active hours. During active hours, Xbox will boot quickly and be available for activities like Remote Play and mobile game installs.