Today, LinkedIn announced partnership with CLEAR to improve digital safety and trust of 200 million LinkedIn users in the US. Through partnership with CLEAR, you can add your Government ID verification to your LinkedIn profile to add credibility and trust. In addition to CLEAR partnership, Microsoft today announced that LinkedIn users can now verify their place of work with a Microsoft Entra Verified ID credential.

With this verification, members and organizations can be more confident that the people they connect with on LinkedIn are authentic and that work affiliations on their profiles are accurate.

Here’s how it works:

  • Organizations can use Verified ID to create customized digital employee IDs that reflect their brand and business needs.
  • On LinkedIn, members will see an option to verify their workplace on their profile.
  • With a few taps on their phone, members can get their digital employee ID from their organization and choose to share it on LinkedIn.
  • After they send the credential, a Workplace verification will be displayed on their profile.

Here’s the good part. Verified ID is based on open standards, and it can work with existing HR systems, as well as identity systems, such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory. So, interested organizations can easily support Verified ID for their employees.

VErified ID IS new way to verify can be useful for background checks, rewards programs, help desk support, and a host of other scenarios that require proof of workplace affiliation.

Microsoft is already testing this feature with 70 organizations representing millions of LinkedIn members, including companies like Accenture, Avanade, and Microsoft. This feature will be rolled out by end of this month (April, 2022).