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Elon Musk called for a six-month pause in developing large AI models, but starts similar AI project at Twitter with thousands of GPUs

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Last month, Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, Tesla & Twitter, along with other notable personalities signed an open letter urging AI labs to immediately pause for at least 6 months the training of AI systems for more powerful than GPT-4. They want AI Labs to develop shared safety protocols for advanced AI design and development.

Today, Business Insider has reported that Twitter has purchased ten thousand GPUs to work on an AI project involving large language models. Twitter has also hired couple of DeepMind engineers. DeepMind is Alphabet’s (Google’s owner) subsidiary exclusively working on AI projects.

Elon Musk cofounded OpenAI, but left the company in 2018 since OpenAI changed its strategy from being an open company to a closed one. After Elon Musk left, OpenAI has revolutionized the AI industry with the release of ChatGPT, Dall-E and other generative AI models. Elon recently criticized OpenAI that it has become a closed-source, maximum profit company effectively controlled by Microsoft.

Elon Musk may be using Twitter to develop large language models to compete with OpenAI and others.

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