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Microsoft Silicon team is actively hiring to develop SoCs for clients and servers

Microsoft has always been a trailblazer in the technology industry, consistently pushing the boundaries with cutting-edge innovations. One domain where Microsoft has been investing considerable effort is Windows on ARM. Although their Qualcomm-based chipsets have made considerable progress, they still lag behind the competition, particularly Apple’s M-series ARM-based desktop and laptop chipsets.

However, recent job postings (1,2,3) on careers.microsoft.com suggest that Microsoft may have started developing new System on Chip (SoC) solutions for both server and client devices. If successful, this new chipset could potentially help Microsoft bridge the Windows on ARM performance gap with Apple M-series devices on client side and Amazon Graviton VMs on the server side.

Job postings on Microsoft’s career website further support the company’s commitment to developing custom SoCs. Some of the available positions include Principal System On Chip Silicon Architect, Principal Design Engineer, and Senior Product Engineer.

By creating their own custom silicon accelerators and SoCs, Microsoft could not only compete with Apple’s M-series chipsets but also enhance the performance of their ARM-based devices. The job postings suggest that Microsoft is seeking skilled engineers with a background in high-performance SoC architecture and design, as well as expertise in Central Processing Units (CPUs) and Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

Developing their own chipsets could provide Microsoft with better performance, efficiency, and control over their devices. As the job postings suggest, custom silicon could be utilized in various devices, including servers and client devices, potentially revolutionizing the entire Microsoft ecosystem.

As the project advances, the tech world will be watching closely to see how Microsoft’s custom silicon solutions transform the industry and redefine the company’s competitive edge.

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