Meta, Facebook’s parent company, plans to commercialize its proprietary generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology by December 2023, according to Meta’s Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Bosworth. In an exclusive interview with Nikkei, Bosworth revealed the company’s ambitions to help clients enhance their advertising efforts and reduce costs using AI.

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Meta has been investing in AI research since 2013 and is a leading player in the field, alongside Google. In February, the company announced the establishment of a new organization dedicated to developing generative AI, and the recent announcement marks the first time a timeline for commercialization has been shared.

Generative AI, capable of instantly creating sentences and graphics, has already found practical applications through U.S.-based OpenAI’s ChatGPT. However, Bosworth maintains that Meta remains at the forefront of the technology. He believes Meta’s AI can enhance ad effectiveness by guiding advertisers on the best tools to use in their campaigns, ultimately saving time and money.

Advertising is a major revenue driver for Meta, which hopes to eventually apply the technology across all its products and services, including Facebook and Instagram. The generative AI technology will also be utilized in the development of the metaverse, allowing users to create 3D worlds with greater ease and accessibility.

Despite the potential benefits of generative AI, concerns have been raised regarding humanity’s control over the technology. In March, a petition led by the U.S.-based nonprofit Future of Life Institute called for a six-month pause on generative AI development. However, Bosworth rejected the petition, stating that responsible development is crucial, but understanding how technology evolves is necessary to ensure safety and protection.