As the global workforce continues to evolve, the need for flexible work arrangements has become more pronounced. According to Gartner, Inc., 39% of global knowledge workers will work hybrid by the end of 2023, up from 37% in 2022. In response to this trend, Microsoft has announced the expansion of Windows 365 with the introduction of Windows 365 Frontline.

Windows 365 Frontline is designed to provide frontline workers, who often feel underserved in terms of technology experiences, with access to personalized Windows apps, settings, and data. The platform enables organizations to better meet the IT and workplace experience needs of their entire workforce, including part-time and shift workers. With new integrations from LG and Motorola, Cloud PCs will be available on more devices than ever before.

Organizations face unique challenges in scaling technology for their frontline employees. Many organizations find it economically unfeasible to provide individual devices for all frontline workers, who often share physical PCs or kiosks, posing security and identity challenges. Windows 365 Frontline addresses these issues by offering an easy and affordable way to extend the power and security of Cloud PCs to shift workers.

Each Windows 365 Frontline license purchased enables three people to access a Cloud PC during their work hours, allowing organizations to purchase only enough licenses for the number of active employees at a given time. This helps save time, increase efficiency, and allows frontline workers to work from anywhere and on any device.

Windows 365 Frontline also includes features such as automatic lock screen, auto sign-out, auto reset, optimized updates, and frontline utilization reports, all designed to maximize IT investments and provide a seamless, personalized Windows experience for shift workers.

In addition to the introduction of Windows 365 Frontline, Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows 365 on LG’s new 2023 Smart TVs, transforming them into state-of-the-art workstations. The company has also partnered with Motorola to bring an enhanced Windows 365 experience to Android devices, such as the Lenovo ThinkPhone by Motorola.

As more organizations look for ways to reduce expenses and improve their carbon footprint, Windows 365 has become a popular choice. A recent Total Economic Impact™ study by Forrester Consulting found that a composite organization could experience an ROI of 40% with Windows 365. Furthermore, a research study with Px3 found that organizations can significantly reduce operating emissions by transitioning end-user computing workloads into highly efficient cloud data centers increasingly powered by renewable energy.

By extending the power and security of Cloud PCs to frontline workers, Microsoft aims to offer flexible, secure, and easily deployable solutions for organizations looking to empower their entire workforce. To learn more about Windows 365 Frontline or sign up for the public preview, visit the Windows 365 Frontline website.