Microsoft Edge is rolling out new features that aim to keep users organized and increase their productivity. One of the key highlights is the introduction of an integrated AI image generator, the first of its kind in a web browser. The company is also enhancing other features such as Collections, vertical tabs, and efficiency mode to help users multitask more efficiently.

Microsoft’s Roger Capriotti shared the details in a recent blog post, highlighting the new Image Creator powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E models. The feature enables users to generate images based on their prompts without leaving the browser. Users can access Image Creator from the Edge sidebar and download the generated images for use in their documents or social media posts.

Another noteworthy addition is the Drop feature, which simplifies sharing files and notes across devices. Users can access their content on any device running Microsoft Edge by signing into their Microsoft account.

Microsoft is also making it easier to edit and save web images directly in the browser. Users can crop, adjust lighting and color, and apply filters to web images without needing additional tools or apps.

Improvements to the efficiency mode aim to provide better battery performance and more control over power consumption. When a device detects low battery, the efficiency mode kicks in and enables power-saving features. Users can also choose different settings to balance energy savings and browsing experience.

Classic features like Collections and vertical tabs continue to help users stay organized. Collections let users visually organize web content, links, images, and notes, while vertical tabs move browser tabs to the side of the screen for easier navigation.

Microsoft is constantly working to enhance Edge’s web experiences and tools to help users stay organized and productive. As always, user feedback is crucial in shaping these improvements.