Microsoft Maps style

Until now, Microsoft mapping platforms like Bing Maps consumer and Azure Maps were following distinctive styles. Microsoft today announced a new and improved style for maps across its mapping platforms. This new map style improves usability, information clarity, and aesthetic appeal. Azure Maps will now have the same vector tiles and satellite imagery as Bing Maps consumer site. And Azure Maps customers can choose from several styles, such as Road, Night, Hybrid, Grayscale (dark and light), Terra, and High Contrast (dark and light). 

Microsoft claims that the new style makes the maps more easily consumable across zoom levels and device profiles. The hairline rendering provides more information and context sooner but without impacting readability. Also, the base map colors now support biomes and landcover classes.

Microsoft today announced that it now offers expanded coverage in China, Japan, and Korea.

Microsoft will release the new style broadly over the coming weeks. You can try out the new style immediately through Azure Maps Samples or via the Azure Maps Demo site.