Microsoft ToDo MyDay

Microsoft today announced the new ‘My Day’ view in the ‘Tasks by Planner and To Do’ app for Microsoft Teams that will allow you to consolidate all your tasks from various lists.

My Day feature will allow you to easily organize and prioritize your tasks and consolidate your task lists.

You can also manually add tasks to My Day view.

My Day offers the following features:

1. Consolidation of tasks: ‘My Day’ view brings together tasks from various sources such as Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Planner (tasks assigned to you in Plans), and flagged emails from Microsoft Outlook. Now, you can view all your tasks in a single, unified interface. If you’re concerned about a task today, just add it to My Day by right clicking the tasks and selecting the ‘Add to My Day’ option.

2. Task prioritization: Organize your tasks by priority and focus on what’s important. The ‘My Day’ view allows you to sort tasks by due date, priority level, helping you stay on top of your work.

3. Task completion and progress tracking: With the ‘My Day’ view, you can easily mark tasks as completed and track your progress throughout the day. The completed tasks will be struck off, giving you a clear view of the remaining tasks.

if the feature is rolled out to your account, you can find the ‘My Day’ view in the left-hand panel of Tasks by Planner and To Do app.