Ten years ago, Bill Gates saw the potential in a digital personal assistant and invested over $12 million in Atlas Informatics. Despite its initial failure, the company’s founder, Jordan Ritter, has returned with Augment AI, an AI-driven personal assistant that delivers on the promise of Atlas Recall and so much more.

A Big Bet on AI Personal Assistants

In an article published last week, Bill Gates discussed the potential of AI to revolutionize personal agents, creating digital personal assistants capable of managing tasks, communications, and e-commerce. This idea was not new to Gates, who had invested in a company founded on this very concept a decade ago.

Atlas Informatics, founded by Jordan Ritter, aimed to create an AI-driven personal assistant that would remember everything the user saw. The product, Atlas Recall, functioned as a universal search tool but failed to gain enough traction in the market due to the limitations of AI technology at the time.

The Rise of Augment AI

Fast-forward ten years, and Ritter is back with Augment AI, a company built on the foundation of Atlas Recall. With advances in AI technology, Ritter has been able to create personalized foundation models that adapt to individual users’ workflows and preferences.

Unlike other AI solutions, Augment AI is focused on personalized foundation models, creating a truly unique AI experience for each user. This horizontal approach allows the AI to learn from users across all applications and devices, tailoring itself to their specific needs and habits.

Introducing Your Real Digital Personal Assistant

Augment AI’s digital personal assistant offers numerous benefits, including:

  1. Personalization: The AI understands the relationships between things and learns who and what is important to you, continually adapting to assist you more effectively.
  2. Compatibility: Augment AI works across all tools, augmenting them regardless of APIs, creating a seamless user experience.
  3. Perfect Memory: The AI acts as a second brain, remembering everything for you and enabling you to recall any detail whenever you need it.
  4. Context and Smarts: The AI provides missing context and intelligence, offering help at the right time and place.
  5. Understanding Your Work: Augment AI understands how you work, helping you start and finish tasks more efficiently.

A Bet That’s Finally Paying Off

Thanks to the advancements in AI technology, Bill Gates’ vision for AI personal assistants is becoming a reality. Augment AI is paving the way for personalized digital assistants that make our lives easier and more efficient.

To experience the power of AI and Augment AI’s Private Beta, sign up today and witness firsthand how AI is changing the game in personal assistance.