Microsoft OneNote QuickNotes

Generally, if you want to quickly take notes, you will open Notepad. Even though you have OneNote installed on your PC, you prefer Notepad for its speed and simplicity. Unfortunately, Notepad has its own limitations. For example, you can’t paste images in Notepad, you have to manually save the file, it has text formatting limitations and more.

Microsoft OneNote is introducing the improved Quick Note feature to solve the above problem. You can easily access the Quick Note feature using following.

  • Press Windows key + Alt + N.
  • Click the OneNote icon in the system tray.
  • Click the back of your pen.
  • In OneNote on Windows, select View > New Quick Note.

Ink tools in Quick Note

In the new Quick Note experience, Microsoft has included a sleek new toolbar with useful text formatting options and inking capabilities. You can also easily access the screen clipping feature. Once you are done with quick notes, you can easily transition to full OneNote on Windows through the overflow menu.

This improved Quick Note feature is rolling out to Insiders running Version 2302 (Build 16118.20002) or later.