In just over a month since its launch, Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing has taken the search engine landscape by storm, with over 1 million users joining the waitlist to try the new Bing Preview within 48 hours. The platform delivers better search results, more comprehensive answers, a new chat experience, and the ability to generate content. Microsoft continues to make improvements to the Bing Preview based on user feedback, and today we’re sharing new statistics and updates that showcase the growing popularity and impressive new features of Bing.

Impressive Stats and Growth:

Thanks to the million-plus new Bing Preview users, Microsoft has now surpassed 100 million daily active users on Bing. Although this is still nearly 10 times less than Google’s user base, the growth is remarkable. About one-third of the new Bing Preview users are new to Bing, indicating an expanding audience.

Bing engagement is also on the rise, with more people conducting searches daily. Approximately one-third of daily Preview users are using Chat, with an average of three chats per session and over 45 million total chats since the Preview began. Additionally, 15 percent of Chat sessions involve users utilizing Bing to generate new content. Furthermore, the Bing mobile app has experienced a 6x increase in daily active users from pre-launch levels.

New Features and Updates:

Microsoft’s Bing Preview has been updated with several enhancements, such as:

20/200 Chat Turns: The maximum turns in a single conversation have increased from 15 to 20, and the total number of turns per day has risen from 150 to 200, allowing for more in-depth interactions.


Image and Video Search Integration: Bing chat now includes image and video search, with answer cards appearing below chat answers. Users can click “See more” to explore further or create their own images using Image Creator.

Local Grounding Improvements: Bing chat now offers better grounding for local-related queries, making it easier to find nearby parks, stores, or doctor’s offices. Further improvements in local grounding will be made based on user feedback.

Edge Sidebar Fixes: Microsoft has addressed several feature gaps and known issues with Bing chat in the Edge sidebar, including context enhancements, Bing Image Creator support in Creative mode, faster sidebar loading, prevention of blank screens at first launch, and avoiding conversation resets when Edge is left running for extended periods.

Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing Preview has experienced an incredible first month, with rapid user growth and continued improvements based on user feedback. With features such as increased chat turns, integrated image and video search, enhanced local grounding, and Edge sidebar improvements, Bing is evolving into a powerful search engine alternative. Users can try sample queries and sign up for the waitlist to gain full access to the new Bing Preview. The Bing Team encourages users to provide feedback to further refine and improve the platform, as they remain committed to delivering the next generation of search and a trusted copilot for the web.