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Microsoft Edge Workspaces Public Preview: Revolutionizing Browser Organization and Collaboration

Edge Workspaces now allows users to organize tabs, share workspaces, and collaborate with friends and family in real time.

Microsoft Edge Workspaces has been released for public preview, offering a new way for users to organize their browsing tasks into dedicated windows. Developed by the Microsoft Edge team, this feature allows users to create and curate sets of tabs and favorites within Edge Workspaces, which are automatically saved and updated.

Key Scenarios and Benefits

Edge Workspaces aims to improve productivity and collaboration in various scenarios. For instance, when onboarding individuals to a project or working with multiple teams, users can create a workspace with a shared set of open websites and working files. This makes it easier to onboard new team members or ensure that the entire team is on the same page.

Individuals working on multiple projects can also create separate workspaces for each project, allowing them to easily access the necessary tabs and resources when working on a specific task.

Prerequisites and Enabling Workspaces

To use Edge Workspaces, users must have an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant and Microsoft Edge version 106 or greater installed. Admins can enable Edge Workspaces via group policy using Microsoft Edge version 106 or greater, as well as version 107 of the policy files. Edge Workspaces can also be enabled on a case-by-case basis using the Microsoft Edge flag: #edge-workspaces. A OneDrive for Business license is required to create an Edge Workspace.

Workspaces Sharing and User Experience

Edge Workspaces allows users to share browser tabs in real time, providing working groups with a convenient and productive way to view the same websites and files. Shared information includes the workspace’s browser tabs, favorites, history.

Learn about all the details of this new feature at Microsoft here.

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