OpenAI ChatGPT Plugins

ChatGPT is already quite powerful on its own. OpenAI today announced the new plugins concept which will supercharge the capabilities of ChatGPT. Through plugins, ChatGPT can connect to third-party applications. Once connected, ChatGPT can interact with APIs defined by developers, enhancing ChatGPT’s capabilities and allowing it to perform a wide range of actions. For example, plugins can allow ChatGPT to do things like:

  • Retrieve real-time information; e.g., sports scores, stock prices, the latest news, etc.
  • Retrieve knowledge-base information; e.g., company docs, personal notes, etc.
  • Perform actions on behalf of the user; e.g., booking a flight, ordering food, etc.

OpenAI has already partnered with a few developers to create ChatGPT plugins. Check out the ChatGPT plugins from the following:

Plugin developers expose one or more API endpoints, accompanied by a standardized manifest file and an OpenAPI specification. These define the plugin’s functionality, allowing ChatGPT to consume the files and make calls to the developer-defined APIs.

Interested developers can join the waitlist to get access.

In addition to 3rd party plugins, OpenAI has developed two plugins themselves, a web browser (An experimental model that knows when and how to browse the internet)
and code interpreter (An experimental ChatGPT model that can use Python, handle uploads and downloads).