Microsoft Windows 11 Widgets board

Microsoft today released Windows 11 Preview Build 25324 to Canary Channel Insiders. This new Windows 11 build comes with a few improvements including the improved widgets board experience with a larger canvas (3-columns if supported by the device) and dedicated sections for widgets and feed content with a clear separation between them. This improved widgets board will enable quick access for consumers to glanceable content from their apps and services as well as allow them to enjoy personalized news content.

In this build, Microsoft has introduced a new USB4 hubs and devices Settings page for users under Settings > Bluetooth & devices > USB > USB4 Hubs and Devices. This new settings page displays information about the system’s USB4 capabilities and attached peripherals on a USB4 capable system. These info will be helpful in troubleshooting in case users need support from their device manufacturer or system administrator. The features provided by this page are:

  • View the tree of connected USB4 hubs and devices.
  • View attributes and capabilities associated with the USB4 domain.
  • Copy the details into the clipboard so it can be shared with customer support or system administrators for troubleshooting.

Starting this build, users who have enabled warning options for Windows Security under App & browser control > Reputation-based protection > Phishing protection will experience a UI warning on unsafe password copy and paste.

Finally, Microsoft is adding support for the SHA-3 family of hash functions and SHA-3 derived functions (SHAKE, cSHAKE, KMAC). Support for these functions has been enabled through the Windows CNG library.

  • Supported SHA-3 hash functions: SHA3-256, SHA3-384, SHA3-512 (SHA3-224 is not supported)
  • Supported SHA-3 HMAC algorithms: HMAC-SHA3-256, HMAC-SHA3-384, HMAC-SHA3-512
  • Supported SHA-3 derived algorithms: extendable-output functions (XOF) (SHAKE128, SHAKE256), customizable XOFs (cSHAKE128, cSHAKE256), and KMAC (KMAC128, KMAC256, KMACXOF128, KMACXOF256).