Netflix mobile games

Netflix is best known for its vast library of movies and shows, but the streaming giant has also been making waves in the gaming industry. In November 2021, Netflix first entered the mobile games market with the launch of five mobile games on iOS devices. Later, mobile games were expanded to Android devices as well. So far, Netflix has released about 55 games, ranging from casual titles like Shooting Hoops and Teeter Up to licensed adaptations of Stranger Things and Tomb Raider.

But Netflix is not stopping there. Today, Netflix confirmed that about 40 more games are slated for later this year and 70 in development with its partners. In addition, Netflix has about 16 games currently in development by its in-house game studios.

“Our goal is to develop a broad portfolio of games — in different genres and formats — because we believe everyone can find joy in games if they discover the one (or many!) that is right for them.” – Netflix

Netflix is working with some of the world’s leading studios to bring new games every month. Some of the upcoming titles include Monument Valley 1 and 2 by ustwo, a critically acclaimed puzzle game series with stunning visuals and soundtracks.

Netflix also revealed that Too Hot to Handle: Love is a Game is one of the most played titles on its platform. The game is based on the popular reality show where singles have to resist temptation and form meaningful connections. The game lets you create your own avatar, flirt with other contestants, and compete for cash prizes.

One of the advantages of Netflix games is that they are included with your Netflix membership at no extra cost. You don’t have to worry about ads, in-app purchases, or subscriptions. You can also access them easily from the Mobile Games row in the Netflix app.

Netflix games are part of Netflix’s vision to become a one-stop shop for entertainment. By offering diverse and engaging gaming experiences alongside its movies and shows, Netflix hopes to attract more users and retain existing ones. Whether you’re looking for a quick distraction or an immersive adventure, you can find something that suits your mood on Netflix.

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