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Microsoft Edge Tests Built-in Crypto Wallet for Seamless Cryptocurrency and NFT Transactions

Microsoft is currently testing a non-custodial built-in Ethereum crypto wallet for its Microsoft Edge browser. The wallet aims to provide users with an easy and secure way to send and receive cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users can share their public keys to receive payments while keeping their private keys safe for authorizing transactions.

The new Edge Crypto Wallet was first spotted by Microsoft sleuth Albacore, who shared screenshots on Twitter and expressed curiosity about the feature’s potential integration into Microsoft Edge.

As of now, the wallet is not available to Insiders but is likely being tested by a select group of Microsoft Edge Dev Channel users.

Microsoft states during the onboarding process that the non-custodial wallet ensures complete control over users’ funds without requiring any extensions. Testers must use their own funds, and Microsoft will not reimburse any losses incurred. The project remains confidential, and details should not be shared externally.

BleepingComputer tested the new feature, and the onboarding process involves generating a password and a 12-word recovery phrase to secure users’ assets and recover their crypto wallet if they forget the password. After completing the onboarding process, the wallet creates an Ethereum address for users to receive funds via the Ethereum network.

The Edge Crypto Wallet supports multiple Ethereum accounts, allowing users to switch between them as needed. Users can choose to manage their assets using the built-in Edge wallet or an extension wallet. The wallet also connects to decentralized apps (dApps) and features a news section for updates on cryptocurrency developments.

In collaboration with Consensys, Microsoft has introduced a built-in cryptocurrency swap feature for Ethereum, Dai Stablecoin, Uniswap, USD Coin, and Tether Coin. Additionally, the Edge Developer build suggests that support for a Bitcoin wallet could be provided in the future.

Microsoft encourages testers to provide feedback on their first Web3 wallet, emphasizing the unique opportunity to influence the company’s entry into the cryptocurrency and NFT space. A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that the company regularly tests new features to enhance user experiences but did not provide further details at this time.

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