Google Workspace AI features

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is a popular cloud-based productivity and collaboration suite that includes Gmail, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets and more. Google Workspace offers different plans for different business needs and budgets. One of these plans is the Flexible Plan, which allows customers to pay as they go with no commitment and add or delete user accounts at any time.

However, starting today, March 14, 2023, Google is increasing the price of Flexible Plan subscriptions for all Business editions of Google Workspace. This means that customers who use this plan will have to pay more per user per month than before. In this blog post, we will explain why Google is making this change, how much it will affect you and what options you have to save money on Google Workspace.

Why is Google increasing the price of Flexible Plan subscriptions?

According to Google’s announcement, the reason for increasing the price of Flexible Plan subscriptions is to reflect the value and innovation that Google Workspace delivers to its customers. Since launching Google Workspace in October 2020, Google has introduced hundreds of new features and improvements to its apps and services.

How much will Flexible Plan subscriptions cost after March 14?

Workspace Edition              Flexible Plan                   Annual Plan 
Business Starter              $6.00 $7.20 USD                   $6.00 USD
Business Standard              $12.00 $14.40 USD                   $12.00 USD
Business Plus              $18.00 $21.60 USD                   $18.00 USD


These prices are per user per month and apply to new customers who sign up after March 14 as well as existing customers who renew their subscriptions after March 14.

What options do you have to save money on Google Workspace?

If you are not happy with paying more for Flexible Plan subscriptions or if you want to lock in a lower price for a longer period of time, you have two options:

  • Switch to an Annual Plan option: Along with increasing the price of Flexible Plan subscriptions, Google is also introducing an Annual Plan option for all editions of Google Workspace available through its website. Annual Plans offer customers a lower per-user price than Flexible Plans but require them to commit to a one-year agreement.

Customers can switch from Flexible Plans to Annual Plans in their Admin Console. If you are not satisfied with Google Workspace price increase, you can always switch to another cloud-based productivity and collaboration suites on the market that compete with Google Workspace such as Microsoft 365.