Google PalM API with makersuite

Along with the announcement about new generative AI experiences in Google Workspace, Google today announced the PaLM API, a new developer offering that will allow you to take advantage of Google’s large language models. OpenAI recently released ChatGPT APIs and Microsoft recently announced the availability of Azure OpenAI service. Google is hoping to take on Microsoft and OpenAI with these new announcements.

Google PaLM API can be used to build applications based on large language models such as content generation and chat, and also for use cases such as summarization, classification, and more.

Along with the PaLM API, Google announced MakerSuite tool that enables developers to prototype quickly and easily. Google will be making these tools available soon to select developers through a Private Preview.

Google also announced the following new technologies in Google Cloud for generative AI applications.

  • Generative AI support in Vertex AI gives data science teams access to foundation models from Google and others, letting them build and customize atop these models on the same platform they use for homegrown ML models and MLOps.
  • Generative AI App Builder allows developers to quickly ship new experiences including bots, chat interfaces, custom search engines, digital assistants, and more. Developers have API access to Google’s foundation models and can use out-of-the-box templates to jumpstart the creation of gen apps in minutes or hours.

Generative AI support in Vertex AI will allow you to:

  • Choose the use case you want to solve for. Developers can now easily access PaLM API on Vertex AI to immediately address use cases such as content generation, chat, summarization, classification, and more.
  • Choose from Google’s latest foundation models. Options will include models invented by Google Research and DeepMind, and support for a variety of data formats, including text, image, video, code, and audio.
  • Choose from a variety of models. Over time, Vertex AI will support open-source and third-party models. With the widest variety of model types and sizes available in one place, Vertex AI gives customers the flexibility to use the best resource for their business needs.
  • Choose how to tune, customize, and optimize prompts. Use business data to increase the relevance of foundation model output and maintain control over costs, while ensuring data sovereignty and privacy.
  • Choose how to engage with models. Whether via notebooks, APIs, or interactive prompts, a variety of tools lets developers, data scientists, and data engineers all contribute to building gen apps and customized models.

Learn more about these announcements in the link below.