Microsoft has recently launched a new AI-powered Bing tool, and despite not being designed specifically for gamers, it is still able to offer tips, trivia, and technical know-how a very wide range of Xbox and PC games. The tool has been designed to offer better search results, more comprehensive answers, and a chat experience that allows gamers to explore deeper and create content.

Many of us have used search engines to find ways to improve our gaming experience, but the new AI-powered Bing tool offers something different. With its wealth of knowledge about video games, Bing is able to offer detailed answers to specific gaming-related questions.

Bing AI-Powered Chat Response Asset

The tool is easy to use, and gamers can start by asking a specific question, and if they’re not sure how to phrase it, Bing will offer some follow-up questions to help home in on the answer. Bing will also show where it’s getting its information from, enabling users to check out the sources for more details.

The Bing tool allows gamers to ask questions like “Tell me about the best cyberpunk-style role-playing games on Xbox” or “How do I make a cake like the one that appears in Portal?” The chat experience is designed to allow gamers to interact with the tool and ask follow-up questions to get the answers they’re looking for.

Additionally, the tool can help gamers find new games that match their specific tastes or preferences.

Bing AI-Powered Chat Response Asset

The AI-powered Bing tool is currently in preview, and Microsoft is taking feedback to improve the experience. This means that the tool will continue to evolve and improve over time, making it an essential tool for all gamers.

As Microsoft continues to improve the tool, it’s clear that the new Bing tool will become an essential tool for all gamers. Check out the full guide at here.