Microsoft Hybrid Quantum Computing 1

Quantum Computing is still in its initial stages and so you can’t run commercial applications at scale using Quantum Computing alone. To solve this issue, Microsoft Azure Quantum today announced the Integrated Hybrid feature that will allow you to run hybrid quantum applications with a mix of classical and quantum code together that run on already available quantum machines including the Quantinuum H-Series, and soon QCI.

This capability unlocks a new generation of hybrid algorithms and is a first for the industry.

This new Hybrid Quantum Computing Architectures allows scientists to devise new algorithms such as adaptive phase estimation that can iterate and adapt over classical computation while physical qubits are coherent.

Microsoft Hybrid Quantum Computing

A major milestone on the journey to scaled quantum computing has been achieved.

Microsoft recently announced that you can now try out a quantum computer for free through Azure Quantum service. Microsoft is offering $500 in credits to try out the following quantum computers from its quantum hardware partners. 

If you are interested, create a free Azure account, create an Azure Quantum Workspace in the Azure Portal to get $500 in free credits.

After trying out, if you are interested, you can also apply for up to $10,000 in credits to use quantum hardware in Azure Quantum to explore new algorithms, investigate use cases, and experiment with leading hardware platforms. You can apply for it here.