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Humane, Inc. announces partnership with Microsoft to develop AI-based device and services platform

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Humane is a startup founded by ex-Apple team Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno. It is developing first-of-its-kind software platform and consumer device built from the ground up for AI. Today, Humane announced that it has raised a $100 million Series C round and announced strategic partnership with Microsoft and OpenAI.

This raise will enable Humane to accelerate on its mission to deliver the next era of personal mobile computing, which will be one driven by AI.

As part of this partnership, Humane will be using Azure as its preferred cloud platform. Also, Humane has partnered with Microsoft to bring its services platform to market.

This will see Humane leverage the best cloud infrastructure in AI.

Humane also announced collaboration with OpenAI to integrate its technology into the Humane device and deliver OpenAI and Humane AI experiences at scale to consumers.

The initial Humane device will be focused on delivering the next generation of personal technology, but Humane has plans to bring its solutions into new personal domains in the future.

“We’ve been building for over four years now, going from a small group around a conference table to a world class team getting ready to ship a product and platform, along with some of the most influential technology and AI companies in the world. Our products are built on an integrated device and cloud platform that will allow us, and others, to create AI-driven experiences that feel natural, fun, and needed,” Patrick Gates, CTO of Humane.

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