Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Hugging Face

Last year, Microsoft and Hugging Face announced partnership to build Hugging Face Endpoints, a new Machine Learning inference service powered by Azure ML Managed Endpoints. Hugging Face Endpoints allowed developers to deploy and scale tens of thousands of state-of-the-art Transformer models on Microsoft Azure with just a few clicks.

At Azure Open Source Day, Microsoft today announced the upcoming public preview of foundation models in Azure Machine Learning. This will allow Azure Machine Learning customers to build and operationalize open-source foundation models at scale.

With these new capabilities, organizations will get access to curated environments and Azure AI Infrastructure without having to manually manage and optimize dependencies.

Azure Machine learning users can fine-tune and deploy foundation models from multiple open-source repositories, including Hugging Face, using Azure Machine Learning components and pipelines. Apart from the ability to use pre-trained models for deployment and inferencing, they can fine-tune supported machine learning tasks using their own data and import any other models directly from the open-source repository.