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You can now use Outlook for free on macOS, Microsoft 365 subscription or license not required

Microsoft Outlook for Mac

Microsoft today announced that Microsoft Outlook for macOS is now available for free to anyone. Users no longer need a Microsoft 365 subscription or a valid license to use the Outlook for macOS app.

Outlook for macOS will continue to work with all work or school accounts and other free email services including Outlook.com, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo! or IMAP accounts. Outlook also supports adding multiple accounts. So, you can view all your inboxes at once and do all-mailbox search to find mail quicker.

The new Outlook for macOS is designed and optimized for macOS. It is also optimized for Apple Silicon to deliver snappy performance and faster sync speeds. Outlook also supports widgets on macOS. You can view your agenda using a widget and see reminders in the Notification Center.

With the new Handoff feature, you can pick up tasks where you left off between iOS and Mac devices. The upcoming Outlook Profiles feature will allow you to connect your email accounts to Apple’s Focus experience.

Outlook provides a variety of ways to help you stay focused and accomplish more by helping you decide what you want to see and when.

You can download the Microsoft Outlook for macOS app for free using the below link.

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