The addition of ChatGPT to the Bing mobile apps has resulted in a massive boost in their popularity.

As more users have been accessing the new Bing preview, Microsoft has been using their feedback is help improve it. In the last two weeks, Microsoft added Bing preview capabilities to the Bing and Edge mobile apps, integrated Bing chat with Skype, and announced they were bringing Bing to the Windows 11 taskbar.

They have also been making smaller daily incremental improvements to the new Bing preview.  Here is what’s new:


•    Chat Tones: Microsoft has introduced the ability to toggle the tone of chat from “Precise”, which focuses on shorter, more search-focused answers, to “Creative” which gives responses that are longer and more descriptive.  The middle setting (“Balanced”) is somewhere in-between.  Users will notice a color change in the UX between purple, blue, and green depending on which is selected. Microsoft’s goal is to let you decide the type of chat behavior that best meets your needs.

•    Turn Counters: As we mentioned last week, Microsoft has set a limit of chat turns in a single conversation to six.  It’s their intention to increase these limits—but in the meantime, they realize it may be difficult to anticipate when you’ll need to reset to a new topic.  You’ll now see a turn counter and stoplights appear at the bottom of each Bing response to signal where you are in the conversation.

•    Page Context in Edge: If you used the Bing chat experience built into the Edge Dev channel for Windows, Bing was sometimes unable to recognize the context of the page you were browsing.  Microsoft has fixed this problem for most scenarios.

•    Chat Behavior: Microsoft has improved some chat behaviors that previously would have unnecessarily constrained responses or made them appear defensive or adversarial. Bing responses should be more engaging and provide more elaborate observations.

You can sign up for the new Bing and Edge mobile apps here.