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Microsoft today announced a new experimental feature in Microsoft Edge called Video Super Resolution. This new video enhancement feature is powered by AI technology from Microsoft research team and can improve the quality of any video watched in a browser.

If you are streaming a 480p or a lower resolution video, this new feature can remove blocky compression artifacts and upscale video resolution allowing you to enjoy crisp and clear videos. This will work with any streaming platform including YouTube.

Did you know? One out of three videos are played at 480p or a lower resolution in Microsoft Edge today?

Since the computation power required to cleanup and upscale videos, video super resolution (VSR) feature will be available only when the following conditions are met:

  • The device has one of the following GPUs: Nvidia RTX 20/30/40 series OR AMD RX5700-RX7800 series GPUs.
  • The video is played at less than 720p resolution.
  • The device is connected to AC power.
  • Both the height and width of the video are greater than 192 pixels.
  • The video is not protected with Digital Rights Management technologies like PlayReady or Widevine. Frames from these protected videos are not accessible to the browser for processing.

Microsoft also mentioned that they are working on automatic Hybrid GPU support for laptops with multiple GPUs.

The VSR feature is available in the Microsoft Edge Canary channel for 50% of users who have devices with the above conditions. When the feature is enabled, an HD icon will be displayed in the address bar using which you can enable or disable the feature.

If you would like to try the feature out manually, you can enable the feature in edge://flags/#edge-video-super-resolution.