Facebook Reels, the short-form video-sharing platform offered by the social media giant, has been updated with new features designed to help users create more fun and engaging content. Reels, which allows users to make videos with music, audio, and artificial effects, can now be up to 90 seconds long, giving creators more time to showcase their creativity.

Other new features include ready-made Reels from Memories, which allow users to share their old photos and videos as Reels with just a tap of a button, and Grooves, which uses visual beat technology to align and sync the motion in your video to the beat of your favourite song.

In addition, Reels now includes Templates, which is a new way to create videos using trending templates. These features make it easier for users to be creative and stand out on the platform, while also expanding their reach to new audiences and potentially earning money through features like Stars, Bonuses, and Overlay Ads.

To upload Reels, users must meet certain technical specifications and content requirements. The videos must be in .mp4 format, with a minimum resolution of 1080P and a maximum length of 90 seconds. The aspect ratio must be 9:16 for iOS devices and the screen aspect ratio of the user’s Android device.

Facebook Reels is available in over 150 countries on iOS and Android, and with these new features, it offers even more opportunities for creators to grow their community and career while expressing themselves through immersive and engaging videos.