New leaks suggest that Microsoft is working on the next major release of its operating system, Windows 12. While Microsoft has not yet officially confirmed the existence of Windows 12, a recent tweet by a known Intel hardware leaker, @leaf_hobby, stated that Windows 12 is on the supported OS list for Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake-S desktop chipsets. However, the tweet has since been deleted, leaving some uncertainty about its veracity.

Despite this, the leak has garnered attention and has led to speculation about what Windows 12 could bring to the table. If Windows 12 does indeed exist, it could launch as early as next year, although some reports suggest a more likely release date of 2024. The timing coincides with Microsoft’s reported shift to a three-year development cycle for major versions of Windows, which would suggest that Windows 12 may arrive in 2024.

It is important to note that the recent reports are based on details from a leak about a chipset, and the operating system has not been confirmed to exist by Microsoft. Therefore, it is essential to take the news with a grain of salt until Microsoft provides an official statement. However, the fact that the leak came from a reliable source and coincides with previous rumors adds some credibility to the speculation.

Intel Processor N-series

The recent leak mentions that the Z980 chipset, expected to be paired with Intel’s Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake CPUs, supports Windows 12. If true, this could indicate that Microsoft is working closely with Intel to ensure that its upcoming OS is optimized for Intel’s hardware. Additionally, the leak provides some insight into the features of Intel’s upcoming chipset, including Wi-Fi 7 support and additional PCIe lanes.

Microsoft’s reported shift to a three-year development cycle for major versions of Windows is intended to provide a more stable and predictable release schedule, giving businesses and consumers ample time to plan for upgrades. This cycle would also allow Microsoft to focus on delivering more significant changes and new features with each release, rather than incremental updates.

Windows 11 was released in October 2021, and if Microsoft sticks to its reported release cadence, Windows 12 should arrive sometime in 2024. However, plans are always subject to change, and Microsoft may decide to delay or accelerate the release of Windows 12 based on market conditions and other factors.

As always, only time will tell what Microsoft has in store for its next major release of Windows.