Microsoft Kosmos-1 language model

Microsoft recently introduced Kosmos-1, a Multimodal Large Language Model (MLLM) that can perceive multimodal input, follow instructions, and perform in-context learning for multimodal tasks.

Microsoft trained Kosmos-1 on web-scale multimodal corpora that included interleaved text and images, image-caption pairs, and text data. As per Microsoft’s evaluation, Kosmos-1 has achieved impressive performance on language understanding, generation, and multimodal dialogue, image captioning, visual question answering, and vision tasks.

Microsoft Kosmos-1 language model sample

Microsoft evaluated KOSMOS-1 model on following tasks:

  • Language tasks
    • Language understanding
    • Language generation
    • OCR-free text classification
  • Cross-modal transfer
    • Commonsense reasoning
  • Nonverbal reasoning
    • IQ Test (Raven’s Progressive Matrices)
  • Perception-language tasks
    • Image captioning
    • Visual question answering
    • Web page question answering
  • Vision tasks
    • Zero-shot image classification
    • Zero-shot image classification with descriptions

You can find the evaluation results details from the source link below. Microsoft also revealed that it has plans to scale up KOSMOS-1 in terms of model size , and integrate the speech capability into KOSMOS-1.