Microsoft Bing Maps Map Builder

OpenStreetMap is a popular, free, publicly editable and community driven map of the world. Microsoft Bing Maps platform uses OpenStreetMap data in addition to using data from other companies including TomTom, HERE and others.

Today, Microsoft Bing announced Map Builder, a community-driven platform of contributors to map data. The Map builder tool is built on top of a collaborative open-source project called iD.

All the changes made on Map Builder will be contributed directly to OpenStreetMap. Also, your edits must be based on personal knowledge, on-the-ground surveying, or imagery collected from aerial or street level photos. You should not copy from commercial sources, such as Google Maps.

If you want to contribute via Maps Builder, visit, you can find available objects that need to be mapped such as buildings, roads, water bodies and more in an area.

Map builder is available on desktop browser in many continents and countries including Australia, Africa, South America, Middle East, and many others. Microsoft has plans to expand the availability to many countries soon.