Microsoft Bing mobile apps

Early this month, Microsoft released the preview of the new AI-powered Bing experience on the desktop. Today, Microsoft announced the preview release of the new Bing and Edge mobile apps. Since more than half of the web searches occur on mobile phones, Microsoft is releasing the new Bing and Edge mobile apps to serve as your copilot for the web while you are on the go.

This new Bing mobile experience is available on both iOS and Android today. Also, the Bing mobile app now comes with a fresh look and experience. To start a Bing chat session, you can just tap the Bing icon at the bottom. Also, you can choose how you want your answers displayed – bullet points, text or simplified responses.

Also, the new Bing mobile app now supports voice. Voice search will offer more versatility in how you can deliver prompts and receive answers to your queries from Bing.

In addition, this new Bing experience will also be available from the homepage of the Microsoft Edge mobile app.

Microsoft today also announced the integration of the new Bing in the Skype mobile app. You can read about it here.