Microsoft NVIDIA

Along with the 10-year legal agreement to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo platforms, Microsoft today announced that it will bring Xbox PC games to the NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud gaming service. Similar to Nintendo deal, this is a 10-year partnership between Microsoft and Nvidia. If Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision closes, Activision Blizzard PC titles, such as Call of Duty, can also be streamed on GeForce NOW.

This deal between Microsoft and NVIDIA delivers increased choice to gamers and resolves NVIDIA’s concerns with Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. So, NVIDIA is offering its full support for regulatory approval of Microsoft’s acquisition.

Microsoft and NVIDIA will begin work immediately to integrate Xbox PC games into GeForce NOW, so that GeForce NOW members can stream PC games they buy in the Windows Store, including third-party partner titles where the publisher has granted streaming rights to NVIDIA. Xbox PC games currently available in third-party stores like Steam or Epic Games Store will also be able to be streamed through GeForce NOW.

“Xbox remains committed to giving people more choice and finding ways to expand how people play,” said Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer. “This partnership will help grow NVIDIA’s catalog of titles to include games like Call of Duty, while giving developers more ways to offer streaming games. We are excited to offer gamers more ways to play the games they love.”

“Combining the incredibly rich catalog of Xbox first party games with GeForce NOW’s high-performance streaming capabilities will propel cloud gaming into a mainstream offering that appeals to gamers at all levels of interest and experience,” said Jeff Fisher, senior vice president for GeForce at NVIDIA. “Through this partnership, more of the world’s most popular titles will now be available from the cloud with just a click, playable by millions more gamers.”