Microsoft GroupMe

Microsoft announced that it will acquire Skype in May 2011. While the acquisition process was in progress, Skype acquired GroupMe, a popular messaging app among college teens in the US. After Microsoft completed its Skype acquisition in late 2011, GroupMe became part of Microsoft. For almost a decade, GroupMe app thrived inside Microsoft even with its limited userbase. Every now and then, it received minor updates.

Recently, Microsoft announced the biggest update to GroupMe yet. Based on the feedback from the community, Microsoft has made GroupMe simpler, faster, and better. Find the details below.

GroupMe now has a brand-new look that is modern and intuitive. Also, it now supports both light mode and dark mode.

GroupMe has a brand-new feature called Topics that will allow you to easily organize your chats. As a group owner or admin, you can enable Topics in the group chat settings and start organizing your conversations with ease.

With Topics, you can add individual chat spaces to a group to keep things organized. Imagine you’re running club can add a topic for a special cause, or your class group can create topics for homework questions and swapping choice memes.

This GroupMe update also brings a brand-new camera experience that will allow you to capture photos and videos with just a tap or long-press, and effects from filters, text, drawings, stickers, and more.

Finally, GroupMe app on iPad now features a new split screen view and improvements optimized for larger screens.

Today marks a meaningful commitment to continue to improve and build GroupMe forward with your feedback.

Download the updated version of GroupMe on iOS or Android.

Recently, we reported that Skype’s annual revenue dropped from $722 million in 2013 to just $184.3 million in 2022, a decrease of 74.5%. During the same period, the company’s annual profit plummeted from $90.8 million to a mere $6.35 million, a 93% decrease in nearly 10 years. Like the new GroupMe update, Microsoft recently announced a major revamp of Skype mobile apps with fresh illustrations, animated emoticons, new performance improvements, and bug fixes to improve reliability.