If you’re an Outlook user, you may have noticed an increase in spam emails in your inbox recently. Reports from Microsoft customers have indicated that the email spam filters in Outlook are currently broken, causing all messages to land in their inboxes, even those that were previously tagged as spam and sent to the junk folder.

This ongoing issue has been confirmed by countless Outlook users, who have taken to social media and the Microsoft Community’s website to report the problem. Some users have reported receiving dozens of spam emails in their inboxes within a matter of hours.

Despite the stream of customer complaints, the Office service status page indicates that “everything is up and running.” Microsoft has yet to issue a public statement confirming that the spam filters in Outlook are indeed broken.

Some users have attempted to fix the issue by checking the “Only trust email from addresses in my Safe Senders and domains list and Safe mailing lists” option in Junk Mail > Filters. However, it appears that this solution does not resolve the issue, indicating that the webmail service’s filtering is completely broken.

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While the spam filtering issue in Outlook seems to be particularly bad today, affecting a massive number of customers, some users have reported seeing an increase in spam emails in their inboxes since at least November 2021.

The broken email filters in Outlook are a significant concern for Microsoft customers who rely on the platform for their email communication. While the company has yet to confirm the issue, users can take steps to protect themselves by remaining vigilant and reporting any suspicious emails they receive. In the meantime, it’s essential for Microsoft to address this problem quickly to restore the integrity of the spam filters and regain customer trust.