Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers available, but its reputation for being resource-intensive has been a concern for many users. Google has been working to address this issue by introducing two new features called Memory Saver and Energy Saver, which were initially announced with the release of Chrome 108 in December 2022. These features have been designed to optimize resource utilization and reduce Chrome’s battery consumption, respectively.

The Memory Saver feature works by prioritizing active tabs and other applications. Inactive tabs are snoozed and relinquished to the background, freeing up system resources. The tabs remain visible in the tab strip, and users can reload them at any time to access the information they contain. The feature also provides an Omnibox notification that shows how much RAM Memory Saver has freed for other tasks. This feature can be easily enabled or disabled in the Performance tab of Chrome settings, and users can even whitelist specific websites that they do not want snoozed.

The Energy Saver feature, on the other hand, is designed to reduce Chrome’s battery consumption on notebooks and Chromebooks. Users can configure Energy Saver to activate as soon as the battery level drops below 20%. When active, users will see a leaf icon beside the Omnibox, and heavy visual effects will be disabled. Google achieves these battery savings by disabling smooth scrolling, website animations, and reducing video frame rates. This feature is especially useful for users who need to conserve battery life while using Chrome on their laptops or mobile devices.

Starting with the Chrome 110 stable channel release, both the Memory Saver and Energy Saver features are turned on by default for Chromebooks, Windows, and Mac. Users can, however, choose to disable or limit the operation of these features. Chrome also allows users to automatically enable Energy Saver as soon as the charger is unplugged to maximize efficiency.

The new Memory Saver and Energy Saver features are a long-awaited addition to Google Chrome and will be welcomed by many users. The features offer practical solutions to the issue of Chrome’s resource and battery consumption, making the browser more efficient and easier to use. With these features now widely available, users can experience a more streamlined browsing experience with their favorite web browser.