Google Reminders to Tasks migration

Google today confirmed that it will migrate Reminders from Google Calendar and Google Assistant to Google Tasks in the coming months. This migration will lead to a single unified experience for managing to-dos across Google.

Even though Reminders have now become Tasks, users can create tasks from Calendar and Assistant, similar to how they previously created Reminders. Also, tasks can also be created from other Google Workspace apps like Gmail, Docs and Chat, or from the Tasks app.

For Google Workspace customers, end users can voluntarily migrate beginning April 12, 2023. This migration prompt will appear for users with personal accounts starting on March 6, 2023.

Once migration is done:

  • You can view and manage all of your to-dos in one place: Tasks.
  • You’ll be able to use features in Tasks such as organizing to-dos with multiple lists and adding descriptions for extra organization.
  • Tasks can be accessed on the web in Google Workspace apps like Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Chat.

Unlike Reminders, Google Tasks also allows you to:

  • Add a description.
  • Organize tasks with lists.
  • Prioritize tasks with stars.
  • Change the order in which tasks are listed with “Manual sort” or “Sort by date.”
  • Export your data from Tasks.