GitHub Copilot for Business

Back in 2021, GitHub announced GitHub Copilot AI pair programmer technical preview. Later in 2022, GitHub Copilot was made generally available to all developers for $10 USD per month or $100 USD/year. GitHub Copilot offers AI-based coding suggestions in your preferred environment. Today, Microsoft announced the general availability of GitHub Copilot for Business. GitHub Copilot for Business offers simple license management, organization-wide policy management, industry-leading privacy and corporate proxy support.

Microsoft GitHub also announced that it has improved the underlying Codex model to improve the code suggestions offered by Copilot. When GitHub Copilot for Individuals was launched in June 2022, more than 27% of developers’ code files on average were generated by GitHub Copilot. With the new improvements, GitHub Copilot is now behind an average of 46% of a developers’ code across all programming languages.

Also, GitHub Copilot now comes with following new capabilities.

GitHub Copilot for Business will cost $19/month/user. You can make the purchase here.