Microsoft Bing is about to revolutionize the way we search the internet with its ChatGPT integration. This integration, dubbed the “new Bing,” will allow users to ask questions in a conversational way and receive a personalized search experience.

Owen Yin, a design student, has posted a preview of the changes.

Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, the new Bing will replace the traditional search bar with a large text box, where users can ask their questions using 1000 characters. The AI will then interpret the question and conduct multiple searches related to the request, compiling the results into a summary. Bing will also cite its sources and allow users to verify the claims.

Not only will the new Bing provide information, but it will also be able to perform complex tasks, such as generating meal plans or travel itineraries based on personal requirements. Additionally, the new Bing will have a new level of creativity, allowing users to ask it to write poems, stories, or complete other creative tasks.

Interaction with the new Bing will feel like chatting with a chatbot, with the AI being able to carry on a conversation with users and even ask follow-up questions. The traditional search results page will still be available and users can toggle between search and chat from the toolbar.

The new Bing with ChatGPT integration will bring a new level of convenience and creativity to the internet search experience. It will act as a personal research assistant, planner, and creative partner, making finding information on the internet easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

Access to the new Bing will be available through a waitlist at However, due to the scale of the servers, there may be delays in granting access.