Microsoft Viva Sales OpenAI GPT-3

Following the Microsoft Teams Premium announcement yesterday, Microsoft today announced the preview of new AI capabilities powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 in Viva Sales. The new AI capabilities will allow sellers to easily reply to customer emails through AI-generated email reply suggestions. 

Viva Sales will make use of data from both the Microsoft 365 Graph and the connected CRM (Dynamics 365 or Salesforce) to build suggested replies using GPT-3.5.

When responding to an email, Viva Sales provides sellers in-the-moment suggested responses based upon categories such as “make a proposal”, “reply to an inquiry,” or “suggest your own”. The seller simply selects the option to suit their needs and a reply is generated for the seller to review, edit to their liking, and send.

Microsoft highlighted that the new AI-generated email replies add to efficiency gains Viva Sales already offers sellers by automating CRM data entry and AI-powered conversational intelligence capabilities.

You can learn more about Viva Sales here.