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Report: Google is working on its Apple AirTag competitor

Apple AirTag

Since its introduction few years back, Apple AirTag has become one of the most popular accessories among Apple users. AirTag allows users to keep track of their belongings using Bluetooth and UWB. Samsung is already selling an Apple AirTag competitor in the name of Galaxy SmartTag. If you are in Android ecosystem, Galaxy SmartTag is the only viable alternative for AirTag for now.

According to a new report, Google is working on its own AirTag competitor under the codename “Grogu”. Nest team is taking lead on the development and that the tracker is expected to be available in multiple colors. Similar to AirTag and SmartTag, Google’s upcoming tracker may also feature built-in speaker for better user experience.

According to rumors, Google may launch its tracker accessory later this year along with the next generation Pixel smartphones.

Last year, Samsung announced that its SmartThings Find service has more than 200 million find nodes working to help users locate their misplaced devices. Find nodes are devices that have been registered on the SmartThings Find service to help other Samsung Galaxy users to locate their lost devices.

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