Microsoft Windows Kernel Memory Dump

Microsoft today released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25276 to the Dev Channel. This build allows developers to easily create Kernel memory dumps in Task Manager. Microsoft already allows developers to take “Memory dump” for user mode processes, this new kernel live dump will allow developers to troubleshoot an abnormal situation but allow the OS to continue operation.

When required, developers can go to the Details page in Task Manager, right-click on the System process and select “Create live kernel memory dump file” to capture a Full live kernel or Kernel stack memory dumps.

The dumps will be written to a fixed location:


Also, Microsoft has finally updated the dialog that shows when an app has a known compatibility issue to use the new Windows 11 design.

Windows 11 Compatibility window design

You can find the full change log of this new Windows 11 Insider build from the source link below.