We already know that Apple is developing its own cellular modem to replace the Qualcomm modem used in the iPhone and the iPad. Today, Bloomberg reported that Apple is also developing its own WiFi and Bluetooth chip to replace the current components supplied by Broadcom.

Right now, Apple is using two different chips from Broadcom to enable WiFi and Bluetooth on its devices. Apple is planning to replace them with a single in-house developed SoC that can offer both these capabilities. Apple is planning to make this transition in 2025.

Bloomberg also reported that Apple will replace Qualcomm modems with its in-house developed modems by the end of 2024 or early 2025.

After 2025, Apple even has plans to combine cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth into a single SoC. It will be interesting to see the performance of these in-house developed wireless chips when compared to the chips from established vendors like Broadcom and Qualcomm.

Apple is already the most profitable smartphone vendor by a huge margin. Replacing Qualcomm and Broadcom chips with its own will further improve the financials of Apple.