Microsoft Fungible Data Processing Unit

Microsoft today announced that it has acquired Fungible, a company which develops high-efficiency, low-power data processing units (DPUs). Microsoft is planning to use Fungible’s technologies to build high-performance, scalable, disaggregated, scaled-out datacenter infrastructure with reliability and security.

Fungible DPU highlights:

  • Fungible’s F1 DPU enables increased efficiencies and utilization across compute, network and storage – delivering 3X TCO savings across data center.
  • Industry’s highest performance 800Gbps DPU – its unique hardware and software co-design delivers maximum feature flexibility without compromising performance efficiencies for data-centric computing.
  • Designed for the most demanding applications, the F1 DPU’s performance density is well-suited to power storage servers, security appliances, AI and analytics servers. The F1 DPU fully displaces x86 CPUs in these solutions.

The Fungible team will become part of Microsoft’s datacenter infrastructure engineering teams and will continue to work on multiple DPU solutions, network and hardware systems improvements for data centers.

Fungible team wrote the following regarding the acquisition:

We are proud to be part of a company that shares Fungible’s vision and will leverage the Fungible DPU and software to enhance its storage and networking offerings. We would like to thank our loyal employees for their dedication and hard work over these last seven years and our customers, partners, and investors for their belief and support in our technology.

“Today’s announcement further signals Microsoft’s commitment to long-term differentiated investments in our datacenter infrastructure, which enhances our broad range of technologies and offerings including offloading, improving latency, increasing datacenter server density, optimizing energy efficiency and reducing costs,” wrote Girish Bablani, Corporate Vice President, Azure Core.