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Last week, we reported that Apple’s mixed reality headset which was originally scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2023 will now likely be shipped at the end of the second quarter or in the third quarter of the year. Today, Bloomberg provided some new details on the release timeline of this upcoming mixed reality headset from Apple.

  • Apple will introduce its mixed reality headset later this year.
  • Apple will unveil it this spring ahead of the annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June.
  • Apple has already shared the device with a small number of high-profile app developers for testing.
  • The headset will be running xrOS, codenamed as “Borealis” inside the company.
  • Apple might name the headset “Reality Pro”.
  • Apple is finally expected to ship the product later in the fall of 2023 to general consumers.
  • To make this plan happen, Apple is making use of its resources from several hardware and software engineering departments.

Due to the focus on mixed reality headset device this year, other Apple products may see muted updates this year.